is published from inspiration and experiences of sea veterans to share with the readers their points of view, technical issues, water sports, boat maintenance, entertainment, movements in boating and marine industries form recreational to lifestyle, etc. with limited to marine activities of recreational boats, but the magazine also includes those of commercial and even military ships.

is regarded as the first magazine of its kind in Thailand in order to present stories on yachts, medium-sized recreational boats, navigation technology, safety, boat decoration, lifestyle, restaurants, traveling and places, etc. All issues are useful to those who are interested in boating around the world, and can be enjoyed by all classes of readers.


  • General business owners
  • Owners of shipyards, yachts, charterers, marine
  • Boat and water sports lovers
  • Divers, anglers and sea travelers


  • Organization News Movements in boat industry, and news about society, including public as well as related marine activities
  • Boat news Update news about social
  • What’s going on Update news on various social events
  • Gossip All about gossips
  • Calendars of jet-ski / boat races, regattas and shows worldwide


  • VIP Interview of management / executives in various governmental bodies with broad influence on society
  • My Boat & I Interviews of boat owners with their favorite boats
  • Executive Talk Interviews of management / executives / CEO in private sector for their view on marine industry


  • Special Report Boat of your dream….!!!
  • Boat design Design and decoration of boats by knowledgeable boat architects, as well known shipwrights and boatyards
  • Boat Tips Tips from experienced seafarers
  • Sailing Tips Tips for sailboat lovers
  • Marine square Introduction of marine shops, chandleries and boatyards
  • Parts & accessories Variety of “in trend” products for your selection


  • Law & Procedure Rules, regulations, orders, advises on boats and waters
  • Marine Focus “Need to know” in boat industry
  • Testing Report Results on tests of boats, equipment, engines, etc.
  • Marine communication Navigational and communication technologies on boats
  • Safety Safety of Life at Sea
  • Navigation About marine navigation
  • Legendary For those who are interested in royal barges and legendary boats
  • Diving Techniques on diving with fun
  • Jet Ski About jet-skis
  • Fishing Guide Useful tips on fishing and best sports

Life Style

  • Where to Stay, Dining Restaurants and hotel of our recommendation
  • Sight Seeing Marine tourism in Thailand
  • Around the world Tour on islands, seas abroad
  • Health & Beauty Tips on health and look of boat lovers
  • Horoscope Zodiac horoscope
  • Classified Trading and buying of boats and equipment